MIDI Automator 1.0.2 released

Download here

So what has been changed with the new version? Well there are no new features but several bugs have been found and fixed.

I started to write automated tests. What is automated testing? So before releasing a new software I have to test it. But I should not only test if the new coded function works, I also have to test if the old functions still work. There is always a possibility of damaging old code when making changes for new functions. As testing the same functions over and over again gets boring it is a good idea to let a computer do this for you. So before releasing a new version I am now able to run a set of tests and see if I did not destroy anything that worked in the old version. 

But implementing test automation has another advantage. I have to think about how the tested function should work and what kind of exceptions can occur. So this process forces me to think about possible bugs before they occur on stage. For sure I will not find all bugs at once, but I can assure that fixed bugs will not raise again.

The video below demonstrates the current test automation. The mouse and keyboard typings are fully automated, no human beeing was involved.