MIDI Automator 1.1.0-beta released

Download here

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Israel. A guy named Yohay asked me if MIDI Automator could help him if all his songs are in one big Ableton set-list. As MIDI Automator was intended to work with one file per song I had to disappoint him. But the demand made me thoughtful. I was thinking about the keyboard player of my band who had several "big list files" from other productions. This may occur if you temporarily replace a musician or if you are sharing Ableton live productions among second and third casts (think about theatre and musical productions).
So I thought that if MIDI Automator would be able to send a unique midi message for each opened set-list item it could solve the problem. Then you just have to midi learn your Ableton locators to the sent messages for each item. So the set list of MIDI Automator would not open files, but send midi messages instead. That's what I call the "Yohay Release". No worry, MIDI Automator can still do all the other stuff as well in this version.

Why is it beta? This version was tested with automated functional tests so that I can confirm not to have any regression failures. The previous versions were well tested on stage with so called "in the wild testing". I was not able to test this version on stage yet, but I am will do at the next gig. As soon as this passed "on stage" I will release it as a regular version.

Feel free to try it yourself and give me feedback. So I will be able to imrove the reliability for all of us.