MIDI Automator 1.2.0 released

My band Nano Kid was asked to play at the opening of the Wear It Festival Berlin. We should present the Little Black Midi, a wearable midi controller our singer invented. As a result the Midi Automator got some new featrues we needed for that gig (Yes you are right, this is a lame try of search engine optimization for my other projects).

MIDI Automator on WearIT Festival

With the previous versions it was already possible to trigger mouse automations by midi messages, but theses used the midi device configured for "MIDI Remote IN". The new release can now set a listening midi trigger device for each automation individually.

We also noticed that the image recognition for the automation did not work well on every computer. So the similarity (or recoginition tolerance) can now be set for every automation individually all automations globally (edited s. http://www.midi-automator.com/?q=node/17). 0,99 is the highest possible similarity and 0,5 the lowest possible. So whenever the mouse automation is not able to find your screenshot, you may now lower the similarity until it works.

!ATTENTION MAC RETINA USERS!:  If you are taking a screenshot on a retina display, MacOS somehow saves it with the doubled resolution. MIDI Automator will not find this image on the screen unless you decrease its size to 50% with an image tool. Another way is to take the screenshot on a non retina display i.e. an external mmonitor.

The use of mouse automation needs much CPU resources, Midi Automator has to search your complete screen for the given screenshot multiple times per second. The bigger the resoultion of your screen, the more CPU power is needed. This demand gets even higher the more automations you have configured. However in most situations the click targets are always at the same place on your monitor. So MIDI Automator now remembers the area when it has found a screenshot the first time. This decreases the needed CPU power. On the other side it will not find the screenshot if it has moved to another place while MIDI Automator is open. As a solution you can now decide for each automation if MIDI Automator shall search for a movable or a non-movable target.

Preferences v1.2.0