MIDI Automator 1.4.0 released

I got new feature requests from users of MIDI Automator. I feel very honored to see that the tool is used by creative heads for use cases beyond  my own imagination.

So Laimis uses the mouse automation of MIDIAutomator to automate sound changes and configurations instantly from a midi controller. He noticed that the mouse automation consumes much CPU resources and asked me if I could implement a time out option. So the looped search for screenshots would just time out after a predefined time and the CPU will be freed. He sent me some videos and source code snippets with ideas about using less CPU resources in general (Thank you very much for your work). Due to that I was able to find a CPU resource leak and fixed it in version 1.3.1. There are other ideas to reduce the CPU hunger of the mouse automation and I will implement them in the next version. With v1.4.0 comes the possibility to set a time out for each mouse automation.


Another user called Doug uses Reaper as DAW. Unfortunately MIDI Automator was not able to open Reaper files on Windows (on OSX it worked as expected). It turned out that Windows did not know which program to use when using Java API to open reaper *.rpp files. To my own surprise Windows opened the *.rpp file with reaper when I double clicked on the file. Luckily a programmatic opening of the Reaper files worked when starting reaper from the command line with the desired file as argument. So I implemented the possibility to configure the opening program for each file in MIDI Automator. With this you have the control which program will be opened for each file. If no program is provided, the operating systems default program for the file extension will be used.

configure program