MIDI Automator 1.5.2 released

Dear Windows user

I got independent e-mails from Sander and Tim who had some problems running MIDI Automator on Windows. I was astonished as I test every release on Mac and Windows before publishing them. I changed some very detailed and technical mails with Tim from Germany who contacted me on last Friday evening. Sharing the same native language made it easier for both sides. At the end of the weekend it was clear that testing the deployment on a development machine did not make any sense. The Windows installer missed a few things to configure which lead to missing icons and crashes on the users system. I just did never realize it as I deployed on my development machine wich is somehow over-configured in any way. Tim and me could fix all issues in the version 1.5.2.

So I am very sorry for all Windows users who suffered from this. I will test my releases on a fresh mashine in the future. Many thanks to Tim who provided some very useful information to the issues.